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Buff Orpington 

Silver Laced Wyandottes 

Golden Laced Wyandottes 

Naked Necks 

Barred Rock 

Partridge Rock 

White Rock 

Easter Egger 

Olive Egger RARE 

Mottled Java 

Salmon Faverolles 

Cuckoo Marans 

Asst. Cochins  

California Whites  

Hatch 7/11/18

Marek's Vaccinated - Guaranteed Female


Click HERE for breed guides

Click HERE for a care sheet for newly purchased pullets


 Pullets are sourced from only a small handful of trustworthy, NPIP approved hatcheries and hand-raised from one day of age in our growing facilities, where they are given the best quality of feed available and allowed to roam freely outdoors over 3/4 acre of pasture. All of our pullets are GUARANTEED FEMALE. (Select cockerels are also available for those who want a rooster.) All of our stock is vaccinated for Marek's Disease.



8-11 weeks: $16.00-$18.00 (common breeds)

12-16 weeks: $20.00-$22.00 (common breeds)

***16+ weeks: $22.00-$25.00+ (common breeds)


8-11 weeks: $20.00-$40.00 (rare breeds)

12-16 weeks: $25.00 and up (rare breeds)


We take reservations for pullets starting 3-5 weeks prior to the arrival of a batch, and close them 1 week before arrival. Reservation fee is $3 extra per bird, and reservations require a minimum 50% deposit to hold birds. To reserve please visit us in-store. If you live more than an hour away, you may reserve over phone by calling (530) 363-5981. Reserved birds are typically brought from the growing barn to the shop 1-2 days before the actual arrival date of the batch, and can be picked up at this time. If you have reserved any birds, you will get a phone call letting you know when they are here. For most of our common breeds, reservation is usually unnecessary. However, if you are interested in a breed marked rare or limited, reservations are recommended.

Please note that if you have not returned our phone calls or picked up your birds 10 days after they become available for pick-up, we reserve the right to resell them, regardless of payment status.

Reservations currently OPEN for: 9/5/2018 BATCH ONLY -  RESERVATIONS CLOSE 8/29/2018!


***We rarely have 16+ week old birds in stock, and in our peak months of March-August we typically only have 8-11 week old birds available.