The Poultry Palace

Long Live the Love of Chickens !!

To all my great, loyal, understanding, and concerned customers...


It's been an honor and joy over the years introducing people to the joy and love of chickens. The Poultry Palace(me) is going through a life transition. With the loss of my business partner and best friend, health reasons, can't keep up with everything by myself, haven't had a day off in 8 yrs, etc. We are closing for now. I will be back in a different way with pullets and more one way or another after I get everything worked out. In the meantime everything is on sale. Knick Knacks, Gifts, Supplies, Various pots, etc. 25 - 70% off, Now through 3/20,10 - 5, tues - sat. Please come by and buy and get couple of things, a gift or two, so there is less to move.

"Thank You, God Bless and Long Live the Love of Chickens !!"